Women’s Wedding Rings

Women’s Wedding Rings

Unique Wedding Bands by D.Bachet: The Craft of French Luxury

Redefining Wedding Jewelry with Elegance and Innovation

Since its founding, the French luxury jewelry house D.Bachet has set the standard in wedding jewelry design, creating women's wedding bands that blend sleek lines with modern design. Each ring epitomizes innovation and elegance, leaving a distinct imprint.

Diversity and Personality in Every Wedding Band

From classic to bold, each D.Bachet wedding band is enriched with white and black diamonds, each featuring a distinct personality. Handcrafted and made-to-measure in our French workshops, these creations honor the finest traditions and techniques of French jewelry.

Excellence in Materials for Longevity and Style

Our choice of precious metals—950 millesimal fineness platinum and 750 millesimal fineness gold—provides the perfect balance between durability and softness. Paired with ethically sourced diamonds that comply with the Kimberley Process, our wedding bands ensure impeccable quality and ethics.

Tailored and Timeless Creations

D.Bachet offers a variety of band styles: diamond bands, prong-set bands, or creatively designed unique bands. Whether crafted in platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold, each band is a luxurious and timeless piece, custom-made to complement your engagement ring and personal story.

Personalized Custom Creation Service

Interested in customizing an existing model or designing a bespoke wedding band? D.Bachet provides a premium custom creation service that reflects our exclusive design and exceptional craftsmanship.

Contact Us for Your Custom Design Project

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your custom ring design project. Maison D.Bachet turns your ideas into a dazzling reality.

In white or black diamonds, for her or for him, traditional or bold, each wedding ring has its own personality.

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