Unik man

Unik man

Discovering Exclusivity and Character: The Unik Man Collection by D.Bachet

A Tribute to Modern Manhood

Dive into the sophisticated world of the Unik Man collection by D.Bachet, a nod to the modern man that combines elegance, modernity, and boldness. Each luxury piece is handcrafted in our French ateliers, designed to harmonize material and volume, reflecting the unique character and luxury of our jewelry house.

Ethical Commitment and Responsible

Ethics are at the core of our creative process, all our natural diamonds are rigorously selected according to the Kimberley Process, guaranteeing they are conflict-free. This commitment not only assures quality but also upholds our ethical responsibility for each jewel crafted.

Distinctive Design and Unique Personality

Explore our range of signet rings and cufflinks, each offering a distinctive design and unique personality. Whether set exclusively with black diamonds or accented with white diamonds, they are crafted to capture the essence of the wearer.

Versatility and Style: Jewelry for Every Occasion

The Unik Man collection demonstrates that luxury is not just for special occasions. With men's pendants and bracelets available on various cords, such as black silicone or cotton, each piece is as varied as the desires of its wearer. Whether in black or white diamonds, each creation delivers style, personality, and tells a story.

Find Your Resonance with Unik Man

Discover the signet rings, cufflinks, pendants, and bracelets of the Unik Man collection. These elegant luxury jewels are designed to be worn on all occasions, offering every man the chance to find pieces that resonate with his personal style and unique story.

Because every man is unique...

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Artistic director