Unik man

Unik man

Men's Luxury Diamonds Jewelry

Men's black and white diamonds jewellery

A nod to men. The Unik Man collection from the French luxury jewelry house D.Bachet, an exclusively masculine collection, a line of luxury jewelry handmade in our workshops in France. Each piece of jewelry has been subtly thought out so that light, materials and volumes can be discovered from any angle.

Discover our men's jewelry sets - signet rings and cufflinks - with a unique design. Each set has its own personality, whether it is set only with black diamonds, or accompanied by white diamonds.

It is a collection that proves that black diamonds can also be worn on your neck and wrist, along with men's pendants and bracelets.

Black silicone necklace cord, black cotton cord or black braided leather wrist cord, discover our men's luxury jewelry collection.

Let yourself be carried away by the modernity and detail work of the signet rings, cufflinks, pendants and bracelets of this collection.

Because every man is unique...

signature D. Bachet

Artistic director