Men’s wedding bands

Men’s wedding bands

Men's Wedding rings

Diamonds luxury rings for men 

The French luxury jewelry house D.Bachet’s wedding rings for men are handmade in our workshops, every step of the fabrication process – making, setting, polishing – is made in France. The gold 750/1000 and platinum 950/1000 are French metals.

Maison D.Bachet is committed to ethical standards, and the diamonds are chosen in compliance with the Kimberley Process and according to rigorous assessment criteria.

Wedding rings for men are designed in different models for a perfect harmony between your hand and the width of the ring.

In platinum and diamonds, discover the charm and strength of our men's wedding rings collection, unique graphic custom-made creations for our exceptional men.

In white or black diamonds, for her or for him, traditional or bold, each wedding ring has its own personality.

signature D. Bachet

Artistic director