Maison D.Bachet’s spirit

With its own design and codes, Maison D.Bachet offers a brand-new spirit. Maison D.Bachet’s luxury is subtle, it combines tradition and modernity by an exceptional know-how and an ethical commitment. The work of the black diamond and white diamond requires specific codes, the creations of the luxury jewelry brand are handmade in harmony with the light, the material and the volumes. Maison D.Bachet’s world is a blend of modern design and timeless pieces, it is a confidential brand, celebrating the refinement and the elegance.


Creation is love made visible'. I like the black and white contrast, the duality, the play-of-color, the symmetrical shapes and the purity of lines.

signature D. Bachet

Artistic Director


Maison D.Bachet offers a high-end bespoke service, in line with its spirit and know-how. The creation of a bespoke luxury jewel is often the fruit of a deep-rooted desire, whether it is a specific request, or a project creation associated with the research of a special precious gemstone. From sketch to jewel, we accompany you through the realisation of your unique project.




The diamonds, essence of Maison D.Bachet’s creations

Whether it is a white, black or coloured diamond, the jewelry house D.Bachet chooses the diamonds in respect of the Kimberley process, the diamonds of Bachet’s creations do not come from conflicts zones and are selected according to rigorous assessment criteria.