D. Bachet, The Architect of Modern Jewelry Since 2004

Welcome to Maison D.Bachet, where bold vision meets the artistry of luxury jewelry.
Our creations embody a unique spirit, blending the finesse of traditional craftsmanship with a modern, ethical approach. Each piece in our collection is a testament to subtle luxury, meticulously handcrafted and tailor-made in our French ateliers. At Maison D.Bachet, we are committed to an ethical ethos, ensuring that every creation is as responsible as it is beautiful. Our jewelry is a harmonious blend of light, material, and volume, crafted to celebrate the art of refinement and elegance. Discover a world where timeless designs meet modern aesthetics, and explore our range of exceptional, ethically-crafted French jewelry.
Experience the Maison D.Bachet difference – where every piece tells a story of luxury, integrity, and artistic vision.

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Wedding bands for men that combine strength and elegance, discover diamond creations featuring contemporary and graphic designs

Women's Wedding rings

In diamonds, traditional or bold, every wedding ring for women is as unique as its wearer

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An engagement ring is the marker of true love that comes from a marriage proposal, a birth or just to say I love you

French Bespoke Jewelry Design Service

Maison D.Bachet offers a high-end bespoke service, in line with the brand’s aesthetic and exceptional know-how

Subtle and Timeless

Jewelry for women and men that stands the test of time, imbued with modernity and character

Discover our Jewelry Pieces

Luxury jewelry, handmade and made-to-order in our workshops in France


Necklaces, pendants, and medals for women, designed to shine with you

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Luxury accessories for men, in gold and diamonds, elegance is all in the detail


Diamond jewelry for men, our signet rings dress the modern man

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