Luxury Diamond Jewelry

White diamonds jewelry for women

White diamond is in the spotlight. The DayLight Collection by D.Bachet is a luxury jewellery collection for women with infinite sparkle.

Our white diamonds are FVS quality, diamonds have been selected in accordance with the Kimberley process, they do not come from conflict zones and are chosen according to rigorous criteria.

Our white centre diamonds, from 0.30 carat, are GIA or HRD certified.

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Each of the jewellery pieces in the collection, handmade in our French workshops, fascinates with a unique symphony of light and colour.

In addition to the importance of the quality of the white diamonds, each design - from the setting, the openwork, to the type of setting - has been subtly thought out to reflect the light even more from any angle.

The French jewellery house D.Bachet modernises the white diamond by creating timeless luxury jewellery pieces with a graphic and contemporary design.

A collection made of white diamonds, a treasure trove of elegance and glamour.

signature D. Bachet

Artistic director