Engagement Rings and Diamond Solitaires

Capturing the Magic of Engagements and Weddings

Engagements and weddings are magical moments that mark the beginning of a new chapter in your love story. At D.Bachet, the French luxury jewelry house, we understand the significance of this commitment and are honored to celebrate it with our unique and timeless jewelry pieces. Each piece we create invites you to love without limits and beyond conventions, capturing love and eternity in inspiring designs.

The Artistic Vision of David Bacher

As a passionate jeweler, David Bacher, founder of Maison D.Bachet, infuses his artistic talent and avant-garde aesthetic into every creation. With a subtle blend of contrasts, our wedding jewelry captures the essence of your love and is crafted with exceptional expertise. Each design is conceived to represent the beauty and uniqueness of your relationship, creating jewelry pieces that are more than just ornaments but eternal symbols of your union.

Handcrafted Excellence and Personalization

At D.Bachet, authenticity and commitment are at the heart of our values. That’s why each of our engagement rings and wedding bands, whether for women or men, is entirely handmade and custom-crafted in our French workshops. This meticulous attention to every detail ensures creations of exceptional quality and unique personalization for each of our clients.

Ethical and High-Quality Precious Materials

We place great importance on the quality and ethics of our materials. Our jewelry is crafted using precious French metals such as 18k gold and 950 platinum, symbols of excellence and durability. Furthermore, all our diamonds, whether white, black, or colored, are sourced ethically and comply with the Kimberley Process standards.

Discover Our Stunning Collection

Explore our exquisite collection of engagement rings and diamond solitaires that illuminate your love with brilliance. Each ring is meticulously designed to shine elegantly on your beloved's finger.

Harmonious and Symbolic Wedding Bands

Our wedding bands for women and men perfectly complement our engagement rings, creating a harmonious and symbolic set. With bold designs and creative freedom, our jewelry allows you to express your individuality and mark this significant milestone in your life with style and emotion.

The sparkliest way to get engaged, dare the subtle luxury.

signature D. Bachet

Artistic director