The Magic of Three Diamonds: The Timeless Radiance of the Trilogy Collection by D.Bachet

Dive into the refined world of the Trilogy Collection by Maison D.Bachet, a tribute to elegance and profound meaning that transcends time and space. Born in 2004, the founding year of the French Jewelry House, the Trilogy Collection stands out with its modern aesthetics and innovative design, marking the brand's history with its emblematic character.

At the heart of each creation, three natural diamonds sparkle, symbolizing the perfect balance between the past, the present, and the future, as well as the harmony between the body, soul, and spirit. This trilogy of precious stones, enhanced by a black diamonds pavé, tells a universal story, resonating with every moment in the life of its wearer.

D.Bachet pays tribute to eternal beauty and exceptional craftsmanship through handmade jewelry in our workshops in France, where each clean line and each fascinating contrast reveals a deep ethical commitment. The exclusive use of 18K gold and 950 platinum, combined with a rigorous selection of natural diamonds adhering to the Kimberley process standards, underscores this promise of excellence and responsibility.

The Trilogy Collection, with its delicately deconstructed jewelry pieces, is designed for both women and men. It includes a wide range of items from rings to pendants and earrings, each destined to become a subtle luxury companion in daily life.

David Bacher has also introduced a distinctive masculine version, set with three black diamonds, thus enriching the offering of this signature collection.

Embrace the art of subtle luxury and celebrate life's precious moments with the Trilogy Collection by D.Bachet, a true ode to the splendor of diamonds and the depth of emotions they inspire.

Three white diamonds… Define the story of your trilogy.

signature D. Bachet

Artistic director