Men’s pendants

Men’s pendants

Luxury Men's Necklaces by D.Bachet

Elegance and Refinement of Men's Pendants 

Explore our exclusive collection of men's pendants, handcrafted in gold and set with black and white diamonds. Each jewelry piece, handmade in our French workshops, showcases our commitment to excellence and luxury.

Authenticity and Ethical Commitment

The gold (750/1000) and platinum (950/1000) used in D.Bachet creations are precious metals sourced from France. Our diamonds are selected according to the Kimberley Process, ensuring their ethical provenance.

Unique Design and Versatility

Our men's necklaces feature a black silicone cord and a gold clasp, offering an aesthetic that is both unique and understated. Each design is conceived to blend boldness and sophistication, allowing each man to wear them in various ways, suitable for any occasion.

Harmony and Subtle Brilliance

These pieces do more than just accessorize; they combine the strength of precious metals with the elegance of diamonds, creating a subtle glow and effortless elegance.

The charm of our necklaces and pendants combining contrast and refinement.

signature D. Bachet

Artistic director