Women’s rings

Women’s rings

French luxury jewelry house D.Bachet’s rings for women are high-end jewelry pieces, handmade and custom-made in our workshops in France, according to the ring size, to suit harmoniously the hand.

Every step of the fabrication process is made in France, the gold 750/1000 and platinum 950/1000 are French metals, diamonds are selected in respect of the Kimberley process.

The creation process of each ring takes time, it goes through the choice of the metal, the diamonds colour, the mounting, the openwork or the type of setting, and makes them unique and exceptional jewelry pieces.

For you or a loved one, whether you are looking for a ring or a solitaire ring, in white diamonds, black diamonds or coloured diamonds, the ring for the woman is like a travel companion, which accompanies her and illuminates her with the sparkle and strength of the diamonds.

Rings with a graphic & timeless design, let yourself be carried away by the play-of-light.

signature D. Bachet

Artistic director

Women's ring Trilogy


A luxury and chic women's ring. Pure lines and assertive design, the platinum ring shank wraps around the finger and reveals 3 white diamonds symbol of past, present and future or your dearest ones... A trilogy that tells your story.

    Women's ring Tribeca


    The Tribeca diamond ring for women, a bold and modern ring, inspired by the Art Deco architecture of the TriBeCa district of New York.

      Women's ring BlackLight Rock


      A luxury ring for women, an ultra-graphic and precious jewelry ring, in platinum, white diamonds and black diamonds.

        Women's ring Rock


        A women's ring in white diamonds and brown diamonds that is both ultra-graphic and delicate. The rose gold will blend with your skin, a ring that combines timeless elegance and contemporary design.

          Women's ring Trilogy Iconic small model


          Women's ring from the emblematic Trilogy collection of Maison D.Bachet, discover the small model of the iconic design of the collection. A black diamonds pavé magnifying the white diamonds trilogy, a deep meaning for you or a loved one.

            Women's ring Trilogy Iconic medium model


            The ring Trilogy was born at the same time as the creation of Maison D.Bachet in 2004. The number 3, dear to David Bacher, represented by the 3 white diamonds, embodies the trinity in our life. If the meaning of this design is strong, it is up to you to define your trilogy.

              Women's ring Trilogy Iconic large model


              Iconic ring from the Trilogy collection entirely handmade in our workshops, set with three white diamonds of 0.30 carat each, magnified by a modern black diamonds pavé. A diamond trilogy that celebrates love, memories, the story of a life. A precious ring imbued with emotion that will become your everyday ally.

                Women's ring DayLight Cercle


                Looking for a luxury jewelry gift for you or a loved one? Discover a women's ring for a chic look and dazzling effect. The circle, set with white diamonds, is the universal symbol of unity, infinity, plenitude and perfection. In platinum, or yellow or or pink, a diamond ring that you will love to wear every day.