Luxury Jewelry Gifts

Diamond jewellery for your celebrations of life

Jewels are a celebration of love, whatever the occasion: a wedding, a proposal, a birthday, a birth, Mother's Day, Father's Day or even Grandmother's Day...

Moreover, we are told by the History of Jewelry that the gifting of jewellery was once called "sentimental jewelry", a piece of jewelry that was all about expressing your deepest affections to those you loved the most. Ultimately, a piece of jewelry that reveals the attachment between two beings, symbol of special story.

In its workshops in France, Maison D.Bachet shapes its pieces of jewelry in a daring mix of materials and pure lines that inspires and has a unique meaning.

Quality, authenticity, and ethical commitment are at the heart of the women's and men's jewelry of the Luxury Jewelry House. The 18K Gold and 950 Platinum of D.Bachet creations are French precious metals, and the diamonds are selected in accordance with the Kimberley process. Our diamonds do not come from conflict zones and are chosen according to rigorous criteria.

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A gift from Maison D.Bachet is offering a handmade French jewel, a timeless jewellery creation, which embodies boldness and modernity, reveals the personality and affirms the style of the wearer with subtlety.