Wedding Rings for Women and Men

Tradition and Innovation at Maison D.Bachet

The French family-run luxury jewelry house, D.Bachet, founded by visionary designer David Bacher, seamlessly blends tradition and innovation in its stunning creations. Upholding the symbolism of marriage while setting new standards in jewelry design, D.Bachet offers unique pieces that capture attention and tell unique love stories.

Our Ethical and Responsible Commitment

At D.Bachet, our ethical commitment is at the heart of our approach. Every step of the manufacturing process is carried out in our workshops in France, with a constant focus on quality and adherence to the highest standards. The precious metals we use, such as 18k gold and 950 platinum, are sourced from French suppliers, ensuring their ethical and responsible origins. Additionally, our diamonds are carefully selected according to the stringent criteria of the Kimberley Process, ensuring they are conflict-free.

Explore Our Collection of Wedding Rings

Discover our luxurious wedding ring collection for women and men. Our rings stand out with their graphic and modern designs, highlighting the timeless beauty of white and black diamonds.

Graphic and Modern Designs

Our wedding jewelry collection is as varied as your desires. Choose the rings that inspire you and symbolize your unique love. Be captivated by the brilliance and elegance of our wedding rings and bands, true testimonies of your commitment and love story.

Other Wedding Jewelry

Our wedding collection also features a variety of exceptional jewelry. Discover our signet rings, which can elegantly serve as wedding bands, as well as our diamond earrings, pendants, and bracelets for both women and men. Each piece is designed to enhance your love and add a touch of elegance to your wedding day.