Women’s Bracelets

Women’s Bracelets

Diamond Bracelets & Bangles for Women

The French jewelry house D.Bachet offers a collection of women's bracelets in white and black diamonds, featuring designs ranging from subtle elegance to bold audacity, luxurious accessories that enhance the wrist. D.Bachet is committed to ethical standards.

Uncompromising in the selection of its precious metals and diamonds, the 750/1000 gold in its creations is French metal. The diamonds are chosen respecting the Kimberley Process.

Whether a bangle, a semi-rigid, or a chain bracelet, discover bracelets crafted in our French workshops, with exceptional know-how and attention to the harmony of volumes.

In white, yellow, or rose gold, these women's jewelry pieces encircle the wrist with refinement and character, continuously inspiring and complementing our everyday outfits.

Luxury jewels that add a touch of elegance or a hint of originality, reflecting your personality and style.

Our women's bracelets embrace the curves of your wrist and can be worn alone or stacked, accompanying you with every movement.

A link that encircles your wrist with refinement and character.

signature D. Bachet

Artistic director