Marry me

Marry me

Luxury Wedding Bands from the Marry Me Collection by D.Bachet – French Jewelry Craftsmanship

The Marry Me collection by the French luxury jewelry house D.Bachet is an exquisite assortment of timeless and bold wedding bands for both women and men. These exceptional jewelry creations are handcrafted in our workshops in France, designed to seal your love and celebrate your union.

This collection showcases a dramatic interplay of white and black diamonds, set against designs that are both original and understated, where classic elegance meets modern sophistication.

Whether it’s the brilliant sparkle of pavé settings or the subtle allure of discreetly set precious stones, these diamonds are designed to be admired or to invite closer inspection.

Whether you choose a matching set of bands or two rings with distinct designs, wearing a piece from D.Bachet signifies a commitment to subtle elegance, sophistication, and class. Each wedding band from D.Bachet is custom-made according to finger size, offering a variety of models meticulously designed for a harmonious balance of volume.

Handcrafted using traditional French techniques, quality, authenticity, and ethical practices are at the heart of D.Bachet creations. The 18k gold and 950 platinum used in our women's and men's bands are premium French precious metals. We adhere strictly to the Kimberley Process in selecting our diamonds, ensuring responsible sourcing.

If you wish to personalize one of our wedding bands or have a unique ring in mind, D.Bachet offers a bespoke, high-end customization service that aligns with our design ethos and craftsmanship excellence.

For any customization requests or to discuss your jewelry project, contact D.Bachet. Together, let's seal your love with an exceptional creation.

In white or black diamonds, for her or for him, traditional or bold, each wedding ring has its own personality.

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