Men’s bracelets

Men’s bracelets

Explore the World of Masculine Elegance with Our Signature Collection of Men's Bracelets Set with Black and White Diamonds

Each piece in our collection, available in white, yellow, or rose gold, epitomizes the pinnacle of masculine refinement and sophistication. At the heart of our luxury jewelry house, each jewel is handcrafted, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and ethics.

Craftsmanship and Ethics

Our artisans use 750/1000 French-sourced gold and meticulously select each diamond according to the rigorous standards of the Kimberley Process. Every step of production, from delicate assembly to precise setting, is performed with unmatched artisanal mastery.

Comfort and Adaptive Style

Our bracelets, featuring adjustable black cotton cords, blend comfort and style. They are suitable for all occasions, whether everyday or extraordinary.

Unique Design and Personal Expression

The creations of David Bacher, the founder of our House, feature striking contrasts and unique interplays of light. Each bracelet provides a subtle expression of style and character, inviting you to express your individuality and tell your own story.

Refinement and boldness around your wrist.

signature D. Bachet

Artistic director