BlackLight Collection by D.Bachet: Where Luxury Meets Contrast

A Daring Fusion of Light and Shadow

Explore the iconic BlackLight collection by D.Bachet, where the pure brilliance of white diamonds meets the deep allure of black diamonds. This combination creates a luxurious jewelry universe that embodies both glamour and cinematic elegance.

Captivating Design: The Art of Light

The BlackLight jewelry creations stand out with their sleek lines adorned with black and white diamonds that captivate and reflect light spectacularly. The blend of black and white diamonds orchestrates a visual symphony, unveiling the splendor of each piece from every angle.

French Craftsmanship and Ethical Commitment

Each piece in the BlackLight collection is handcrafted in our French workshops, reflecting D.Bachet's commitment to ethics. We exclusively use French 750/1000 gold and 950/1000 platinum, along with diamonds rigorously selected according to the Kimberley Process standards.

A Collection for All Occasions

From engagement rings and solitaires to pendants, bracelets, and earrings, BlackLight offers dynamism and harmony. These pieces are designed to enhance both your evening and daytime looks with understated elegance and mastery.

Discover the BlackLight Universe

Immerse yourself in the BlackLight collection and be transported to a world where luxury and contrast blend in perfect harmony. Each piece invites you to celebrate extraordinary beauty and refinement.

It shines like a black diamond. BlackLight, one of the jewels of Maison D.Bachet collections.

signature D. Bachet

Artistic director