David Bacher, founder and designer

What makes a brand story? Is it the chance, the luck, the necessity? The story of Maison Bachet brings all of these together, the passion for gemstones and the persistence on top. From Lorient to Nîmes, from London to Paris, discover the journey of a man in a hurry.

“Creation in jewellery is nothing without the pleasure of the one who wears it. This is my only obsession, my only punishment, my only reward, too” David Bacher.

The first steps

In 1986, David gets a jeweller apprenticeship contract in Lorient at his uncle’s jewellery atelier, Michel Langelotti, while studying at the CFA in Saumur.

It is in Saumur that he will spot the jewellery store of a certain Mister Lacroix who exhibits jewellery pieces as refined as original.

David makes luck happen. Mister Lacroix, amused by his nerve and his determination, offers to teach him the jewellery techniques if he gets his qualification in two years instead of the three years of apprenticeship.

David gets it and signs a contract with Lacroix who is thrilled to have by his side someone as talented as David and eager to learn. Former student at the famous 'Ecole Boule', he will teach David how to shape jewellery differently, using proportions and various techniques, and especially the important of humility as well as understanding the pleasure of the one who wears the creation.

It then takes David two years to get an additional qualification in gemology.

It becomes clear…

In June 1994, David discovers the very closed and hidden world of diamond makers by becoming a model maker in Marseille. It is the royal road for him to design collections while developing an entire workshop. Everything then goes very quickly, David decides to set up in own business in Nîmes, while still offering his services to his former employer.

David deals with a high-end clientele and begins the bespoke service. The team grows, strengthens. In 2002, a first collection is shown at a trade fair in Lyon, followed by the first trip to London and a collection sold to a jeweler in Hatton Garden.


Situated in London, in the heart of Royal Exchange, David adopts the 'entrusted' method. This means that a diamond dealer lends diamonds or any other gemstones to a jeweler in order to create pieces of jewellery.

David is lent yellow diamonds and creates a parure entirely made of those diamonds. It was his dream, he designed it and exhibited it but… bad surprise, he receives the invoice for the much talked about diamonds. The only solution is to dismantle the parure and give the stones back to the diamond dealer. 

Back in Nîmes, the parure is on his desk. A faithful client asks him if he has brand new creations to show to her, she falls in love with the magnificent parure at first sight and buys it on the spot. David can proudly pay the diamond dealer.

Straight after that, in 2004, David decides to found his own jewellery brand: Bachet.